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Playlist files - different machines and/or different source tree issues

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by arbalest, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. arbalest

    arbalest Active Member

    I've used iTunes (on a PC) for creating some playlists even though I didn't commit to using iTunes indefinitely. Now I am wondering how much of these lists can be preserved if I use some other player. I've exported my one of these playlists and opened in WordPad to see what I would be faced with if I make any changes.

    It seems that even if I stay with iTunes but move the root of my music or the directory structure I would have to manually edit the playlist (or write some kind of script) or start over. I didn't even see a setting in iTunes to make the playlist files be relative to a some given root file. Is that correct?

    Next, if I move to some server like Daphile I will probably have to recreate the playlists there as well. Even if I had playlists that were relative to a root directory the path delimiter is different (linux "/" vs windows "\") . Is that correct?

    Any other general info on playlist portability, etc is appreciated as well.


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  2. palsapal

    palsapal Active Member

    nr Southport, UK.
    I've retained a text file for each of my playlists just in case I ever have to re-create them. You should be able to use "find & replace" to edit the file path if you do move the location.

    I've tried different media players in the past. I went with MediaMonkey but trying out MusicBee, & both import iTunes playlists IIRC.

    I think you're right about iTunes settings & you can't change the the paths(s) for files in playlists.

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