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    Use a good quality pipe dope. It doesn't harden and keeps corrosion away. I can't remember the name but there used to be a brand that was greenish in color and used by a lot of pros.

    If you have to make a splice and I'd say you will it would probably be best to make it on the horizontal section and replace the 90 with a brass fitting also.
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    I'm on the same page as danrclem...make the splice in the horizontal long section about a foot back from the 90* fitting.

    Get about 2 feet of new black water line, and use brass barb fittings and a brass 90* elbow. A double barb fitting will be needed for the splice.

    Heat the black water line with a hair dryer if you need to, to get the barbs in.

    I'd probably just leave the old split plate / clamp in place. That project could wait 25 years, it definitely takes the repair to higher level of complexity, if you try it.

    I've never seen one without a rope to support the pump. I'm not sure what you'd get into.
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    I think the good stuff is Key Tite. It used to be anyway.
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    While we're at it, let's saw a boat in half!
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    Well, all is well with the well :)
    I had difficulty sourcing the correct parts and decided to let the plumber do his job.
    The cost was reasonable and he replaced all the plastic connectors with metal.
    He basically did what "you guys" suggested and cut the poly pipe just past the 90ยบ connector where the pipe goes horizontal.
    By using two pipe wrenches and carefully applying pressure he was able to remove the plastic connector in one piece.

    So thanks to all who made suggestions :bowdown:
    I've learned a little about plumbing and convinced myself I need a new tool :naughty:
    Now I need a heat gun!

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    Heat guns are very useful. I fairly recently got one myself, then promptly used it to apply heat shrink over some damaged wiring harness in my Continental.

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