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Post Your Dirt Cheap Audio or AV System

Discussion in 'Listening Spaces' started by Pete B, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Pete B

    Pete B AK Member Subscriber

    CT, USA

    Set up this 2ch audio system for a friend in an apartment.
    Advent Legacy Speakers from ebay $60 already refoamed.
    2ch Sherwood RX-4109 100W/ch receiver $50 closeout at Radio Shack:
    Radio Shack stands $20 from a friend.
    Total $130
    Did the battery test on the Advents and one woofer was wired out of phase,
    took about 5 minutes to fix that since push on connectors are used.
    Sherwood is 8 ohm only and it works fine with the 8 ohm nominal, 6 ohm min Advents.

    The speakers are close to the wall and the couch is also close to the rear
    wall making the deep low end very impressive. TV sound is connected and
    DVDs with deep bass REALLY shake the room. My friend can't get over
    it, she says it sounds like being in a movie theater.
    TV is a low end 4K Samsung bought new on sale.
    Blue Ray and DVD player were free from friends.
    TV stand was $25 from Craig's list.

    The Advents were sold as being in rough shape with light scratches, Howards
    made them look like new. Grilles are nearly perfect.
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  2. Pete B

    Pete B AK Member Subscriber

    CT, USA
    Spending some time listening to this system and I have to say that the bass extension
    is pretty amazing for a pair of 10" woofers - going to guess that there is a room mode
    in the 30 - 40s, unreal. Also, the speakers are against the wall and the couch is also
    against the opposite wall.
    Above 1 KHz it has that traditional Advent shouty, pushed way forward in your face sound,
    BSC would help but then the bass would be bloated, going to have to think about this.

    This track sounds really good, I think that the recording is quite good, drums are really
    punchy and tight, everything sounds very good, going to look for it on DVD:
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  3. Pete B

    Pete B AK Member Subscriber

    CT, USA
    This is a real bass torture track, the punch is unreal, it is a Telarc recording:

    Watch out if you have small speakers.

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