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Posting Guidlines

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Wardsweb, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Wardsweb

    Wardsweb Behind The Curtain Staff Member Admin

    San Antonio, Texas
    Please post under an individual's named thread. If one does not exist, just create a new thread with their name as the heading.

    Posting is limited to the buyer or seller. If you have not dealt with an individual, please do not post under their thread. You can't start threads about yourself, and you can't use this forum to promote yourself, your business, or your products.

    [Edited 12/16/14 - NT]


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  2. opt80

    opt80 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hello Everyone!
    I was asked by Kam to moderate a forum,I picked this one.
    What Wards said on the orig post is great for me!


  3. bolly

    bolly Lunatic Member

    CFB Borden
    here's an idea

    how difficult would it be to have all posts for a member grouped together under that persons name? :scratch2:

    sounds like a job for the moderator! :naughty:
  4. Morden2004

    Morden2004 Relaxin'

    Morden, Nova Scotia
    Greg is a .....

    Greg: You can do that now! Go to the [Member List] (above - ya, up there on the menu line :D ) and locate the Member. Then you click on his/her member name and then, just down about the middle of the display is this:

    Forum Info Contact Info
    Join Date: 09-12-2003
    PostsTotal Posts: 6,345 (9.04 posts per day)
    Find all posts by bolly
    Find all threads started by bolly


    This is just a text display of that page so those "links" above are not real, but on the actual page you would get a list of all the posts for 'bolly' (holy crap! 6,345 posts?) -

    Greg, you post whore you!!!! :rofl:

  5. bolly

    bolly Lunatic Member

    CFB Borden
    you're right Paul, I am

    I meant the feedbacks received for each member. :yes:
  6. BlackSwamp

    BlackSwamp Previously DingusBoy

    In my garage
    Are we still using this feedback method as there is feedback on the classified section as well?

    If not, we might consider closing it for posting and directing members to post there.


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