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Discussion in 'AK News' started by +48V, Feb 11, 2017.

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    This may be old "news" for a select few but it was new news for me.

    The default view permission for a media (pictures) album/folder is set to 'Owner Only". I always assumed this just meant that particular image album was simply not "browseable" by anyone else that visited your profile. Oh no... it also means that any images you insert in a post from your media albums with BB code will only display to the owner (yourself) and Mods/Admins.

    I rarely visit AK not being logged in. Since all images I posted in this manner displayed fine for me, I assumed everyone was seeing what I saw. And even if I had noticed that my images were not showing when not logged in...I probably would've attributed that to "images only display for registered users". Not so.

    In order to post "viewable" pictures from your AK media storage, you must reset the permission to 'registered', 'followers', or 'everyone'. Otherwise, all anyone beside yourself or mods/admins will see is the text 'IMG'

    Oi vey. Kinda makes sense now as to why some of my posts either landed flat, were misconstrued, or went unnoticed altogether. Oh the numerous chuckles and/or bitch-slaps undelivered heretofore. :(:confused:

    Hope this helps other clueless someones, like me.....o_O

    PS. Once you reset the permission, all prior posts with images will display the image to the masses of your choice.


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