Power Tools SPL Measurements

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  1. Judas Priest

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    Today I finally got around to measureing a few tools that I work with.

    I knew they were loud, but HOLY SHIT!

    I´m not exactly sure what they are called in english, so I attached some pics.

    Bohrhammer (drill) drilling a 10mm hole in concrete 101 dbA

    Flex (angle cutter ?) cutting a 54mm copper pipe 113 dbA

    Kappsäge (saw) cutting a 54mm copper pipe: 125 dbA

    Needless to say, I always use hearing protection.

    resized_Bohrhammer.jpg resized_Flex.jpg resized_Kappsäge.jpg
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    I just turn up the stereo loud enough I can't hear'em. No damage that way.:rockon:
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