Prayers for the Vegas shooting victims.

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by BigElCat, Oct 2, 2017.

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    That implies that someone knows all the facts and that they will be kept from the public.
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    If it is an ongoing investigation, I can understand that. Even during and just after the shooting, the LVPD was asking on Twitter that nobody start giving away locations of their squad cars and officers, for tactical reasons. (Although the sheer volume of flashing lights from our view at the Trop would kind of make it impossible to pinpoint any single unit--it seemed as though they were everywhere!)

    It's kind of like the military, and what happens both here and abroad. A buddy of mine is retired from the Navy (a Combat Camera unit), and he told me many years ago that what we hear or read in the news is only a tiny portion of what really is happening out there. And it has to be kept quiet. "Everyone" is listening. Literally.

    I still thought I heard two sets of automatic shots going off, one more distant than the other, but given how large buildings are on the Strip, it could have been echo. I really can't say for sure, even now.

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