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    I hope I am posting this in the right area this time...

    I have a Yamaha cxa preamp, which will have all my sources in a different room than where my amps, speakers, and turntable (Project RPM 1.3 Carbon with Sumiko Pearl cartridge) will be, and need another preamp with balanced outputs to run back to an input on the Yamaha cxa5100 preamp. I will be using 3 runs of 75' of Monoprice xlrs for the front 3 channels(plus 2 more runs from the stereo preamp back to the Yamaha), and I have a $50 Art phono preamp for the turntable. I will have the turntable, and Art phono preamp by my front 3 speakers (DIY k402 horns modded to synergy style speakers...which should be done this fall, as we have 5 to make). The speakers will have minidsp 2x4 crossovers, and B&O amp modules (which I plan to bridge, and run as balanced) installed in the k402 cabinets.

    I am trying to find a preamp that I can either plug my Art phono preamp into or one that has a phono stage in it that is better than what I have, and has balanced outputs, so I can run them back to the Yamaha AVP using the balanced outputs,and inputs due to the cable length. I would prefer to spend less than $500, but could go as high as $1k. I have no problem going used to get a better product for less.

    Any suggestions as to what would work out best for me, and my budget?


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    Try posting in Solid State or another area, someone will be along to help. I hate seening no replies, most folks are willing to help just gotta find the right area.

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