Pro pio cdj's. Good for home use?

Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by djeclypse, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. djeclypse

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    As I prepare to purge some of my unused dj equipment, I wanted to get some opinions on whether I should keep 1 or 2. Currently my main system is using a Pioneer PDR -555RW and my living room system has a sony cdp-c601es. Each one serves a purpose besides cds. The pio is a recorder for vinyl format shifting and the es is for hours of uninterrupted fun.
    Now i have an original cdj-30 and 2 dmp555 s which are just taking up space. Along with a few technics tts which arent going anywhere. I can certainly vouch for the durability of the pios. Does anyone know about the quality of the components inside the units? The dmp was a great leap forward when it first debuted, but extremely expensive. Pioneer only made them for less than 2 years. Cd, cdr, mp3, wav, sd card, hi mid and low cut, selectable 6, 10 or 16% pitch control with master tempo key lock. Multiple outputs including digital coax and dual stereo outs for both the cd and sd. The list goes on. But they dont exactly fit the look of a home system lol. Opinions? Recommendations?


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  2. Jesse3enne77

    Jesse3enne77 New Member

    Wyalusing, WI
    I use a Pioneer CDJ700s (circa 90's pro dj cd deck). I have one on my 2 channel music system (pioneer SX 636, pioneer PL560, Phase Technology Teatro 7.5VTDs) and also one for my 7.1 home theater. While I haven't A-B-ed it against other CD players, it is indistinguishable from lossless audio files and sounds better than the PL-566 with an Empire A15E cartridge).
  3. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    Picker's Paradise
    I've been on the hunt for a Technics SLP-1300 for ever but prices have gotten out of hand lately.

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