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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Mr Owl, Jan 11, 2019.

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    I bought a Dual Golden One from AK'er @Karmices. It arrived packed to the nines, and looked to be in great shape. However, there was an issue right away - the biggest issue, in fact - no sound!
    We had some communication back andf forth, I took it to a local guy with no luck, and tried everything else we could think of (even another headshell), but no dice. We ultimately decided he'd refund me partially, and I'd keep it and get it fixed myself. I ended up shipping it to FixMyDual.

    Got it back today, and all is well. And Jeff (Karmices) was awesome throughout the entire process. The potential for unpleasantness is high in these "gee, this thing I bought online doesn't work" instances, but he was super cool throughout, and eager for the table to work for me. The issue turned out to be a bad patch cable - perhaps a solder or such came loose in shipping - after all, it is 30+ years old. It was clear to me that he took great care of it, and it was packed wonderfully, so it truly was one of those unfortunate things that can and does happen with vintage equipment. We all know the drill.

    I love AK for reasons like this. Great community we have here. And digging my new Turntable.
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