PS can caps, replace or not?

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by Raul, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. mnmmt

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    That is a lot of messing around (disconnecting the can, figuring out some kind of test setup, reconnecting the can, and then crossing your fingers that two capacitor sections that are 20+ years past their expected life span doesn't fail and nuke the rest of your circuit) to save a few bucks (literally) on a couple new caps. I would spend the few bucks and save a lot of time and messing around to do it right with new caps.
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  2. billyz

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    I completely agree with just changing the power supply Capacitors. By the time you remove them its just as easy to install new ones with a good conscience. The poster wanted to know a way to test them with out a cap tester , i thought. exercise in futility , i know.
    I routinely replace power supply caps, sometimes they seem good and dont manifest the usual hum.
    For example, I just fixed a ticking tremolo circuit in a Fender twin by replacing the power supply caps. I thought it would be something else like lead dress or previous poor quality work, or bad tube. Nope, power supply.

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