Pyle Pro PLTT3U Turntable Review

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by cassettetdk, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. cassettetdk

    cassettetdk Active Member

    I thought I would write a review of this underrated and seldom talked about machine. I really like this turntable and for the price it is amazingly good, even better than anything up to the 200 dollar plus range.

    I am no audiophile, but I will tell you what, this turntable is way better than any of the previous machines that I have owned (Crosley generic woody box, Dual CS-2110, and Technics SLBD20) notably because it is very solidly built. The turntable unlike my previous models uses a nice curved tone arm that tracks the records with much more accurately than other models I have used, especially with the more worn records with groove damage. It has an adjustable counterweight and anti-skate so that you can get the best sound quality out of any 1/2 inch cartridge.

    The Pyle PLTT3U also uses a speed control with strobe light.
    Belt drive turntables are usually not too constant speed-wise, this turntable is very good at keeping a constant speed, but does need adjustment from time to time. It has a pitch slider to help out with a strobe to measure how exact your settings are.

    The sound quality is surprisingly good despite having a built in pre-amplification and an internal ground. During quiet passages there is a slight hissing noise. I would say though, that this might be the manufacturers' cartridge fault. I have never found much satisfaction with Audio Technica conical styluses that come with most machines. I believe installing a nicer cartridge from Shure might kill the noise problem.

    Unlike turntables from the current round of usual suspects, this turntable looks very classy. It appears as a late 1970s consumer level high mid-range machine, and the strobe light can attract anyone to stare. The metal tonearm shines so beautifully and overall the whole package is a nice gift to a beginner audiophile. One thing that one has to remember, that unlike other budget turntables, this is not automatic. This can be a positive and negative feature depending on who you are. You will have to remember to lift the stylus as soon as the record ends or you will have premature wear, but at least the arm would not automatically lift as you are trying to access the last track and you can hear the full impact of the last few seconds of the original UK version of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band.

    The only thing wrong with this turntable is the USB features. The software is not compatible with the macintosh but it is best to just use a regular phono setup anyway with phono cables and a receiver. Most people usually complain about the manual, and yes I found the cartridge installation confusing and had to look online on how to work with 1/2 inch cartridges since I am used to handling p-mounts.

    For the price this turntable is amazing. If you want to start listening to vinyl again and are on a budget, this is the turntable for you. Later on, you can upgrade it with much superior half-inch mount cartridges which is definitely an easier job than finding a half-decent p-mount.
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  2. RyanOMOV1

    RyanOMOV1 aka OldMusicOnVinyl1

    Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
    Hey Dillon!

    I have been wanting the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable for a while, but it's unfortunately not in my price range (and Tech Depot Canada, the cheapest place where you can find them in Canada, is on limited stock), so it looks like the Pyle PLTTB3U might be a nice paveway for me until I finally have enough money to get the Audio-Technica turntable.

    Well... though it doesn't have a 78 speed (I have been wanting that feature since I have some 78s buried in a basement and haven't been able to play them), it does have a cueing lever AND a strobe light for speed adjustment, which are two features that my Numark turntable doesn't have. Hey, the Pyle goes for only $110 on Tech Depot Canada! It's very underrated on the AudioKarma forums... I don't get why so many people think it's a piece of BPC. From your YouTube videos, it sounds like a perfect match with the Shure M97xE, which I'll be upgrading to later this summer!

    Ryan (also known on YouTube as OldMusicOnVinyl1 if you don't recognize)
  3. PickyEars81

    PickyEars81 Super Member

    You might read some of his future posts about this table.
  4. cassettetdk

    cassettetdk Active Member

    Well, buddy. I like the Pyle professional. However, on you can get the Audiotechnica for 199 dollars (what is that in Canadian money?). Overall the LP120 is a better turntable from what I have read, and can play 78s. I'd say, save your money a little more and spend on the AudioTechnica. That way, you can use your Shure 35C, replace its needle with a n78 and you can play 78s!
  5. cassettetdk

    cassettetdk Active Member

    Yes, turns out I owned a defective model. However, I got it sent and replaced free of charge. It sounds a lot better than it did with no hum.

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