QR-6500 Want Tuner lights on always

Discussion in 'Sansui Equipment Database' started by bneal123, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. bneal123

    bneal123 New Member

    Toledo, OH
    I just replaced my fuse lamps on the FM Tuner with LEDs. Looks great, however I primarily use this for playing records, and would love to figure out how to keep these lights on when I switch to phono. Any suggestions or links to this question already posed and answered?


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  2. _mano

    _mano Active Member

    London, UK
    Hi bneal123,
    Wrong area to post. However, the lamps are controlled by the one of the wafers on the Selector Switch S1, would need to trace the lamp wires/track back to identify the correct wafer. HiFi engine has the schematic. Also as you have changed the lamps to LEDS, there is less chance of overloading the PSU feeds.

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