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Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by psychoaudio, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    hello all. This is my first post on the sansui category. Please pardon my ignorance if this has been dealt with. The direction switch of my receiver is broken and knob is missing. Does anyone have spares or perhaps a known fix for this? Thank you !

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  2. sansui 74

    sansui 74 Active Member

    Seattle Wash
    You may need to find a doner set for the direction switch and knob.
    As this switch only came on the QRX 5500, A, and QRX 7500 and these sets were in production I think 1973 to 75 or 76 to the best of my knowledge. .Ken
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  3. Sansuiman

    Sansuiman Active Member

    St. Louis, Missouri
    Is it just the shaft broken off, or is the entire switch ruined? I've taken pots and rotary switches with broken off shafts and used a drill press to drill out the center of the broken aluminum shaft then insert a donor shaft taken from a another pot or switch (even if not a different type, as long as the length and spline pattern are identical) and secured it in with epoxy. Some minor "machining" is usually needed with a file, but can be done with a little patience.

    Not the most glamorous solution, but sometimes is the only way to go if a complete donor part can't be found reasonably.
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  4. ironhead17

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    Elgin, SC
    I picked up one of these from the rec center. Not sure which direction I'm going with it just yet. If someone has immediate interest in it I may be able to help you out.

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  5. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    thanks Wade

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