Quad Electronics (The brand, not Quadraphonic)- Any fans?

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by Bigerik, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. danb44

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    Alberta, Canada
    My small house system (WAF proof) is Quad 3/33/405 pushing small KEF's. I quite like it, though I have others that make me smile as much. - dan
  2. Nospamplease

    Nospamplease New Member

    ...overhauled / refurbished 5 Quad 33's, 5 303's, 3 405's and most recently 3 Quad ESL 63's and 1 ESL 57. Any questions? Don't hesitate :p
  3. chicks

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    The Big Valley, CA
    Sweet! Hope you post more often in the future...
  4. canuckaudiog

    canuckaudiog On a quest for high fidelity

    Edmonton, AB
    How would you rate the difficulty in refurbing the electrostatic speakers?
  5. tubed

    tubed Lunatic Member

  6. Nospamplease

    Nospamplease New Member

    I would say a lot of stamina needed mostly. Soldering knowledge comes in quite handy..
  7. slimecity

    slimecity Super Member

    New Zealand
    Had a bit of experience with a 303 - they sell for outrageous prices here in NZ. Really lusted after one for ages.....bought it and refurbed.....however after all that, the sound was "meh" IMO.

    Got the biggest upgrade in sound once replaced the pre-drivers. Then I bought a second hand unrestored Sansui 555a and the 303 was out the door. Night and day difference.

    I have wanted to hear the Quad 99, they have a good rep.

    The 303 is a joy to work on, the PCBs are hinged and flip out underneath. The design and styling of that amp is fantastic.

    I dont think this series of Quad can hold a candle to Leak. I have restored and kept a few Stereo 30s, and a Delta 70. Great to work on, fully removable boards, easy to upgrade, and fantastic sound and power for something crammed into such a little box.
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  8. Timothy Flath

    Timothy Flath Active Member

    Victoria, BC
    The before video. Will be a few more weeks for the mod kits with new opamps, caps, etc to arrive. Can't wait :

  9. Multimode

    Multimode Member

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    I auditioned a Quad amp and pre-amp in 1979/80 courtesy of my friend John who owned the latest Quad gear including electrostatic speakers. It was impressive, but the Sansui AU-919 integrated amplifier gave much more positive control of my Spendor BC1 speakers, so that's what I bought - and still own.

    I recall being impressed on two accounts with Quad:
    1. The internal wiring of the amp/pre-amp was laid out like tramlines, much neater than the spaghetti wiring of the Sansui. It was so good to look at that it was a shame we had to refit the cover!
    2. John wanted his pre-amp tweaked so as to accept input from an Audio-Technica Signet MkIIIE moving coil cartridge (the same as I had and still have). He gave Quad a call to ask for advice and they said "Bring it in and we'll be pleased to modify it free-of-charge as part of our customer service" (their headquarters were only 20 miles down the road).

    Different story with Sansui. I wanted similar doing to my AU-919 and asked Sansui if they'd still respect their warranty if I had a qualified electronics engineer modify the MC circuitry. Their first response was to send me a package of brochures, with no answer to my question. I asked again and their second response was to tell me to keep trying makes and models of moving coil cartridges until I found one that suited. (I then found that the Audio-Technica cartridge should be used in conjunction with their MK10T step-up transformer into an MM input, so that's the way I went.)
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  10. s-petersen

    s-petersen Scott Subscriber

    Middletown,New York
    I just put together a 3 / 33/ 405 system, having troubles with the 33, 1/2 recapped awaiting more parts.

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