Quad Receiver To Multiple Outs Help Needed

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by freshpow21, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. freshpow21

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    Good morning!

    I need some advice on audio distribution.

    I'm creating a plan for a very near future quad setup. I'll be running my quad receiver to qty 4, JBL 4312s. Additionally, I'd like to run that signal to my audio vectorscope that will be nestled alongside the receiver and turntable. I may even add a reel to reel later down the road.

    I'm still lacking confidence on the proper path forward despite quite a bit of online research into proper distribution with a quad setup. Not looking for a selector switch box, but more of a distribution box for the signal to be routed properly to more than just the speakers.

    Could I use something like the ART MX225 rack mixer? Www.artproaudio.com/product/mx225-mx225-zone-distribution-mixer/

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! :beerchug:


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  2. twiiii

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    west Texas
    Its been a long time, but I think you want a reconditioned Sansui Quad unit where there is a pre out/ amp in for each channel. or maybe a quad decoded tape out to drive your vector scope. I would prefer the 4 channel Tape out as you wouldn't have to be continually adjusting your vector scope every time you changed the output level of your system with the volume control. I'll send a friend an e-mail and if I get a different reply I'll expand this post. She has a few different Sansui's she really loves.

    I got the reply I wanted. The model with the separate preout/ amp in that you could easily tie your vector scope to is the 9090b. as one choice. The one with the quad tape out you could use is the 9001. She has 4 restored San Sui's and loves them all and feels they work great for HT, too. She also has two channel systems, with Mcintosh, Bozak and C/m products. For her smaller Symphonies and 302's she uses the Sansui's. Come to think of it, her daughter may have one or two also. Sansui is very famous for their fantastic quad sound. I would place Pioneer a distant second. And I am a Pioneer Elite fan.
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  3. freshpow21

    freshpow21 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Thank you so much for your initial feedback and reaching out to your friend. Great feedback.

    I'm actually not in the market for a Sansui currently, but I have always had a sizable teenage crush on the QRX-9001. I own the Marantz 4400, with SQ-2 matrix decoder, alongside the CD-400 demodulator for the discrete CD-4 albums.

    After looking at all my available outs I'm inclined to run the source audio to the vectorscope through the Tape Outs, kinda like you mentioned.

    Thanks again! :beerchug:

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