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    Quanishas story

    I'm just a regular mother that hasn't given up and will not give in. I take care of all 3 of my babies the right way all year round. I'm just looking for a helping hand that wanna see my loves smile this Xmas. Xmas won't be anything really because mommy's not working because I wanna better my education for them. I'm not perfect but i'm trying to better myself for them in three long run. I honestly appreciate who ever underands my situation.

    I met Quanisha and was impressed by this young lady. She carried herself with such confidence even though things in her life are in such turmoil. She lights up when she talks about her children. She kept asking me what I thought about each toy she picked up. She kept asking if I thought the toys she picked up were too expensive and kept looking for the best deal. I told her that she needed to find toys that her children would play with. She did a great job and found some incredible deals. She needed a potty chair for her daughter, her son is a huge spiderman fan, the kids love music so a drum set was picked up too (brave mom for getting a drum set) I enjoyed the time with this young mom and every time she put something into the cart she would turn to me and say Thank You.

    When we were done checking out she said she didn't really know what to say. It was hard for her to accept the help from a stranger. I told her that we were not strangers, we had just spent an hour together getting to know each other and now she was a member of the AK family. I did see tears in her eyes as we hugged and said our good byes.

    Check out the great toys Quanisha found for her 3 little ones.

    15621928_1196082713760712_4903338853265548635_n (1).jpg

    15589898_1196082590427391_157857222941462036_n (1).jpg

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