Question about selling a silver faced Yamaha CD-S700 CD player here in the U.S.

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by bergun, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. bergun

    bergun Active Member

    Seattle-Tacoma Area
    Long story short, I have two silver Yamaha CD-S700 CD Players that I purchased from Europe and had sent to the U.S. I’m keeping one and had it professionally converted over to 110v. The other one is still in its original European 220v set-up.

    I’m thinking of selling the second CD-S700 that’s still in 220v, to recoup most of what I spent on it, but was wondering if I should go ahead and have that one professionally converted over to 110v BEFORE selling it and including that cost into the asking price “OR” should I simply sell it “As-Is” in its original 220v set-up at a lower price?

    It’s new and never used in anyway. I did open the box to ensure it wasn’t physically damage during the shipping from Europe, which I will reflect in the asking price.

    The reason why I ordered and paid for two units was that a friend wanted one, but later ran into an issue where he couldn’t afford this CD player… Not mad at him since it was obvious that an unforeseen problem did come up in his life.

    What would you do in this situation?

    Thanks for looking!!


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  2. EngineerNate

    EngineerNate AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I personally wouldn't spend money on it unless I'd tried to get what I'd paid for it out of it as is.
  3. blhagstrom

    blhagstrom Mad Scientist, fixer. Subscriber

    Duvall, Washington
    I would “guess” that to have a chance of selling it in the US, you need to convert it.

    If you offer it globally, say eBay, perhaps leaving it 220v is OK.

    I have flipped 220v gear through eBay and shipped globally but it takes a while.

    If you’re thinking of recovering full price, you may be painted into the corner.

    The cost to ship it here plus conversion cost or the cost to ship globally with the import duties and the shipping are all against you.

    I am reminded of the flipper’s axiom, “buy what you like, because you may not be able to sell it”.
  4. captouch

    captouch AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bay Area, CA
    I would list it as is, with the option of converting at an additional cost. I personally have a few converters that would allow me to use it as is, so assuming there are others like me out there, I wouldn't necessarily want to pay a premium when I could use it as is.
  5. Beobloke

    Beobloke Super Member

    South UK
    Leave it as it is. Conversion transformers are plentiful and cheap.

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