Quick Review: Denon DN-300CR CD Recorder

Discussion in 'New Gear - Performance' started by SiliconTi, Nov 4, 2018.

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    After going through a few used CD recorders, I decided to just buy a new one. Only a few out there still. The Denon DN-330CR, the Teac CD-RW890MK2, the Tascam CD-A580 (CD Recorder and cassette deck in one) and the Tascam CD-RW900mkII. Of the 4, I liked the Denon the best not only on looks, but also price and the ability to use all its features without the remote control.

    Can use any CD or CD-RW, not just the Music CDs

    Do not need the remote - all functions are on the front panel

    Easy to figure out without the manual next to you all the time

    Digital and analog I/Os

    Remote included

    Nice display (OLED)

    Looks good (to me)


    Very slow operating system. It take a long time to start up, button presses have a noticeable lag.

    Track marking is too slow. If you hit the Rec button to make a new track, it can take 2-4 seconds to actually do it. Sometimes you miss the mark.

    No track forward/back buttons, you need to use the knob.

    Built-in DAC is not very good. ADC seems OK.

    Not the best sound using it as a disc transport - my Meridian CD 500 is much better (at over 10x the price it had better be).

    Overall, for less that $200 I can live with it’s flaws. I use if for digitizing LPs and tapes, and for my needs it works well enough.

    I’d give it a 4/5 mostly because of the slow responsiveness.
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