R.I.P. George Grand aka Toasted Almond

Discussion in 'AK News' started by luvvinvinyl, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. theophile

    theophile Pheasant Plucker. Subscriber

    George bless us, please.
  2. 928GTS

    928GTS AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Albany, New York
    I bought a Sony tape deck from George and he was gracious enough to ship it to me even though his ad stated that shipping was not available. From reading all of the stories and sentiments shared here it is clear that he was an extraordinary gentleman. May he be resting in peace.
  3. Lasareath

    Lasareath New Member

    I have a Mini-Tube amp I got from George and It's still on now, I use it for my PC. George was a Great Guy!

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