R.I.P Glen Campbell

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by turnitdown, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. joekapahulu

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    Honolulu, HI
    So sorry to hear of his passing but hope it finally relieved his suffering. Helped care for my mom with Alzheimers for 5 years. Brutal disease that robs the victim and family of their loved one. Give him his props for the courage he showed in confronting it, showing us how he persevered as a musician and made easily some of his best recordings. As a kid his playing on his Good time Hour TV show was one of the things that convinced me to get a guitar and teach myself to play. Years later, after discovering Django Reinhardt, I learned his recordings on radio did the same for Campbell who spent hours trying get play his stuff. It explained his facility and creativity as well as certain approaches he used in his playing. RIP.


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  2. soundboy

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    Walnut Creek, California
    "Adios", the title track from Glen's latest album, is so heartbreaking to listen to.....

    Add to that this song was previously recorded by Linda Ronstadt (featuring background vocals from Brian Wilson) off of her "Cry like a Rainstorm Howl Like The Wind" album. Another legend silenced.

    RIP Mr. Campbell
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  3. vitorzoom

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    Brazil - São Paulo
    I remember when I was a child. when traveling by car to the beach, his tapes were reserved for the best moments of the trip. Unexpected songs played and sung with technique and heart. A wonderful time packed with beautiful songs. Rest in peace.
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  4. jhtstone

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  5. turnitdown

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    I bought one of his albums from an AK'er. A religious experience. OK, at least nostalgic and cool.

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