Radio Shack Optimius 1 speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by xpert54, Feb 5, 2010.

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    I picked these up today for $20.00 for the pair. All the drivers look good and the cabs are in pretty decent shape although they do need some polish on them as they are a bit dry.

    I'm seem to remember these being a pretty good speaker. They are 23"x11"x11.5 and fairly heavy. I looked them up and did not find much info in these. Anyone had a set of these or have any info on them. They appear to have 10" woofers and it looks like two tweeters or maybe one is set up as a midrange.


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  3. anytune

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    I have a set of Optimus 1's and Nova 7b's, which are the pretty much same speaker but with lattice grills. I run them stacked with a Sony 80-watt rec and they sound quite nice. I think these were 1976-77 Radio Shack house brands and were actually an excellent value. Two-way design with a 10-inch, cloth-surround woofer and a pair of three-inch tweeters, no midrange, although the tweeters may be crossed over at different frequencies. I recently restored my Op 1's cabinets and they look terrific. Excellent build quality for a budget speaker. You will find there are many other 1970's Realistic speaker fans here on AK. Enjoy!

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