Radio Shack Realistic pro 60 headphones wanted preferably non working or broken

Discussion in 'Headphones' started by nobodysfool, May 21, 2018.

  1. nobodysfool

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    Hey everyone, i am not sure if this is where i can post this thread but i a,m looking for Radio Shack Realistic pro 60 headphones or Koss HV Pro NON WORKING or BROKEN preferred.
    they look pretty much identical on the outside
    i have all the inside components but need the whole outer shell on both sides (mine got melted}
    i have a photo of what they look ;like
    please let me know and a fair price as i just need the outer can shells

    my email is:

    my name is Rick
    thank you

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  2. abpeep

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    Buda, TX
    Might want to go read AudioKarma Rules -the section under "Advertisements" would apply.

    Basically tells you that you need to be a subscriber to post offers to buy, sell, trade; and that those posts must be posted in Barter Town, a subscriber only sub-forum.

    And - Welcome to AK!

  3. Stephen77

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    Hollywood, FL
    The Realistic PRO 60's were my 1st set of cans. I bought them in 1980-1, back in my early high school days. They were great!

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