RB 75 woofer split!

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by inkman69, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. inkman69

    inkman69 Active Member

    Kansas City Mo.
    well hell, I have a split cone in my RB75 woofer. I’m in search of one. Anybody got one laying around? I called klipsch but they were closed already so I will have to check again tomorrow. Thought I would check here too.

    Thanks Tim


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  2. moray james

    moray james Super Member

    Calgary on the Bow
    why don't you attempt a repair? What have you got to loose? You will need to realign the cone into place use something like a Popsicle stick on the back side of the cone coat the stick with a layer of wax paper (only on the cone side) so it won't stick to the adhesive and then align the crack perfectly tape the Popscicle stick in place as a support strut and bod the crack with a very thin amount of crazy glue which you apply in fine small dots with a pointed tooth pick. Leave overnight next day remove the Popscicle stick and apply a line of adhesive on the back side. That ought to get you back to working like new again. Think of this as a Zen experience no rush no pressure, your only goal is to execute it all perfectly and seamlessly. Do it all in your head first step by step until you can do it with out thinking about it as many times as it takes. Visualize all the steps especially aligning the cone and mounting the backing. You may be lucky and not need the backing strut the cone may simply pop back into place and with a little alignment help fit perfectly (that would be great).
    I have repaired plastic cones this way and the joints can be very hard to see when done with care. Even if you buy a new cone it is good to have a back up. good luck.
  3. Harvestor

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