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    What you can post:

    Please only post items related to drivers, speaker systems, speaker building, design or repair. Anything about home-theatre, two-channel audio and such is welcome as long as it is pertinent to the speaker forum.

    Do not make us guess at what you are looking at or inquiring about. Descibe as best you can the item in question and if at all possible, provide clear images of said item. Nothing is more irritating than having to play guessing games.

    Do not create multiple threads on the same subject. All it does is create confusion and they will be either merged or closed.
    Do not create threads with the intention to troll, mock or create problems with the AK staff or other members.

    Ads: There is Barter Town for AK subscribers to list wanted items, items for sale and items for swap on AK.
    Do not post or create threads like this in the Speaker forum.
    Unless you are an AK sponsor or vendor, do not provide links to, or mention your business. If you'd like to become
    an AK sponsor or vendor, please contact Grumpy or one of the administrators and they'll be happy to accommodate you.

    Auction links (E-Bay, Craigslist, etc.) should only be posted in the Dollars and Sense forum, as should questions about value.
    If posted, it will moved, unless providing a link to another member for a needed part.
    If you want to share images, save them to your computer and upload them to your post.
    Offers to Buy, Sell or Trade are not allowed in the open forums. Posts such as these should be done via PM, or posted in AK's Classifieds or in Barter Town. This includes mentioning any consideration of your selling, trading whatever you own or are discussing, which also includes items you have listed on audiogon, craigslist, eBay, etc.

    While we welcome discussions asking information about your new, new to you, or old gear, (We all learn from each other's knowledge) threads gathering information for items you have for sale, or intend to sell are not welcome. If an auction or sale ad is identified as belonging to the member in question, it will be deleted and a PM sent warning the offending member not to repeat the error. This includes creating threads about items you have listed for sale. Whether the listing is or isn't mentioned makes no difference, as it isn't allowable.

    Flames: You have the right to disagree or engage in debate, but only if respect is given for each other's point of view and the debate doesn't turn into a flame war. Continued fighting or name calling among members will not be tolerated and repeat offenders may face temporary or even permanent suspension from AudioKarma. The idea is to make this a nice place for everyone. Posts or threads like this will either be locked or deleted.

    Politics and Religion: There are many forums for this on the internet. Keep these topics off the open forums.

    Spam: Spam is not allowed and will be deleted immediately. Spammers will be banned with no questions asked.

    Other issues:

    Disagreements: Any open disagreement among members, other than normal differences of opinions, that become disrespectful or escalate into hostile or unacceptable language will result in the immediate deletion of the thread. If you have a disagreement with another member, take it outside and work it out through email or a Private Message.

    Language: Not all the posters here speak English as their first language, and linguistic problems may occur, so if someone does not understand, please be patient and try rephrasing what you are trying to say.

    Avatars: Choose any avatar as long as it isn't offensive in nature. Avoid images that are political or deemed to be pornographic.

    Use of Monikers: If you are a regular at other forums, it is recommended you use your moniker from that forum. If someone is caught impersonating another member, that person will be banned immediately and permanently from AudioKarma.

    Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in your being terminated. You don’t want that and neither do we. So, play nice.
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