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Recently Restored SA-9900 working great now blowing fuses

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Fhamre, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. rjsalvi

    rjsalvi Active Member

    You might ask the owner which Pro-ject preamp he was using because they make quite a few of them...then check it out to see if there's any way and end user can muck things up. And in chorus with slimecity, can you be sure it wasn't operator error? Also, did you boot the unit up with a DBT before replacing the possible errant output transistors? Where is the unit plugged in for power? Straight into the wall? a line conditioner? a surge protector? Is there a possible short in the interconnects he was using to plug the TT preamp in?

    Having said all that and judging the end user alone based on the crate you received the unit back in, he appears to be a meticulous individual with an attention to detail. fwiw...
  2. Fhamre

    Fhamre Super Member

    Yes there are lots of possibilities. And I have tried to explore them all. I will keep testing it for about a week or so. I have been using my scope to try and see if the tone controls are playing a role but nothing observed at this point.
    Before it goes back I intend to replace all the outputs with OnSemi 95/96's and change the bias trimmers.
  3. Fhamre

    Fhamre Super Member

    Still not able to determine if this amp is ready to send back. It seems to be running fine.

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