Recommended Modern Amps

Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by Bigerik, May 2, 2012.

  1. mike_p

    mike_p Downhome Upstate Subscriber

    Pike Co., PA
    I'm pretty fond of my Audio By Van Alstine Ultravalve, driving a pair of Belle Klipsch.


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  2. Ricktptman

    Ricktptman There are two kinds of Music: Good & Bad-Ellington Subscriber

    Where it's at!
    Not sure I've done this before or not, but I'll put in a vote for any Carver A-series (I owned the M-mag amps as well), or any Sunfire. Civilized to Brutal in zero seconds flat. 16 International Rectifier Hexfets per channel in the Sunfire Sig.....a beast's beast. When I bought them they weren't vintage.....yet......
  3. gagelle

    gagelle Super Member

    Central Valley, CA
    I recently purchased a Krell Duo 175. This amp made my Harbeth 7ES-3s really open up with a much fuller sound, especially in the low frequencies. My CDs, also sound much better. I've wanted a class A amp for a long time but couldn't buy one due to their high heat output. The Krell has something they call ibias technology. It allows the amp to use only 73 W at idle. Without the ibias, it would always be open all the way and use its maximum of 1500 W at all times. As my home state of California has the highest electric rates in the country and my bill is already high from my central air conditioner, the Krell was a perfect solution for my situation. It is made in the U.S. and their warranty and technical support have been excellent. I was surprised when it was shipped to my apartment on a Pallet. Krell obviously really cares that each amplifier arrives in perfect condition. Don't be put off by the retail price. It can be obtained online from an authorized dealer at a significant discount. (Although the online dealer won't give a free trial period.) I think they are allowing it to be sold online at a discount to capture more of the already crowded market of class A amplifiers. It has fans in the back that were completely silent in all the reviews I've read. (My fans never had to turn on.) It never gets even warm at high volumes. This may have something to do with the fact that my 6 ohm speakers, while not very efficient, are easy to drive compared to some difficult ones, like electrostatics. For a preamp, I'm using a completely restored GAS Thaedra. I'm very happy with this setup. Of course, this is a matter of taste, as some may want the matching Krell preamp which is supposed to be completely neutral and has the digital circuitry that allows an XLR connection.
  4. Silentnet

    Silentnet I like to keep my issues drawn... Subscriber

    Charleston, SC
    Modern "mid-fi".

    Emotiva BAS-X TA-100. High quality preamp, DAC and FM tuner with a "free" (cause I paid the same price on Amazon for a PT-100) 50 wpc power amp.

    Another $50 gets you an Apt-X Bluetooth module.

    You're stupid to buy anything else unless you need more power than this can provide or have more money than you know what to do with. Period.

    Tell me I'm wrong.
  5. dpdatl

    dpdatl AK Subscriber Subscriber

    You are wrong! Sorry I could not help myself
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  6. dpdatl

    dpdatl AK Subscriber Subscriber

    ClassDAudio SDS 470C

    300 into 8 ohms and doubles into 4. High end without the high price.

    Onkyo A9555 is another great amplifier.

    Enjoy the music. Appreciate the gear. Be thankful for the blessings that you have,


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  7. Harmonica

    Harmonica Certified AK Enabler Subscriber

    Tulsa, OK
    That emotiva is have the PT-100, any experience listening to the integrated version?
  8. whitwye

    whitwye New Member

    My perspective on current gear is limited, since my current social circle has gear even more modest than my own. But I can make this comparison. The core of my system for several years has been an Onkyo TX-NR828 AVR. It does a number of things well, and has notably better sound than the modest Denon AVR I had before it (from long enough ago that an AVR could have but 2 channels). But at higher volumes there has been notable harshness in the higher frequencies through my budget Fluance XL5F towers. Took a chance on an Emotiva BasX A-500 two-channel amp for those fronts. Spec'd at 150 watts per channel versus 130 for the Onkyo, worst case it would have taken things a decibel higher with no other improvement. Well, it's far from the worst case. Clarity and attack are much improved. The harshness is gone from the higher frequencies, and the Fluances, which always had a nice midrange, now are transparent up the spectrum. Cymbals that before were lost in the blur are clear, crisp, distinct.

    How much this is purely about the power amp section of the Onkyo versus the Emotiva, and how much is in the mating of that to specific speakers, I can't say. I'd previously used Klipsch RB51s as fronts, which were clearer at high frequencies using the Onkyo, but totally missing in the midrange compared to the Fluances. Since Klipsches are notably efficient, it could be the Fluances are just too much for the Onkyo to drive. Onkyo + Emotiva + Fluances is a strong improvement.
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  9. HiFiJeff

    HiFiJeff Well-Known Member

    Colorado Springs
    Yeah, I have head nothing but praise for this. Seriously considered it but am so happy with my VERY inexpensive Allo Volt +. TPA 3118 Class D amp.
  10. stamir

    stamir Member

    Constanta, Romania
    I have a Sugden A21SE. It doesn't get more musical than that. Very happy with it driving Heco Direkt 2 ways
  11. davidb1

    davidb1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sandy Springs GA
    Another Van Alstine fan here, although mine is solid state. Mine beat out a HK430. a TA3A, and a NAD C370 quite handily. Hand built by a single AVA employee and burned in and listened to by Frank himself.


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