Rediscovering an old friend ( Audio GD NFB 12 )

Discussion in 'DACs' started by Poultrygeist, Aug 4, 2018.

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    After buying a Schiit MB and Topping D30 I had all but forgotten the 7 year old Audio GD DAC gathering dust in my closet. A few weeks ago I decided to put together a secondary system using a Miniwatt amp, Sain Smart preamp, Tekton speakers and bucket subs.

    At first I didn't think of the AGD so I used a CD player as the source. When I added a CCA paired with a $20 Fiio DAC that combination lacked sufficient output in my flea watt set up. Then I remembered the AGD with it's volume control and high/low gain settings. Placed it in the system using the high gain fixed setting and UREKA I had what I was looking for. I now use the CCA connected to the AGD's optical input and a Rotel 855 playing through it's coax input.

    With the full range single driver Tektons on stands in near field they have never sounded better. As I said elsewhere they're like huge headphones that sound real.

    As for my old friend I'm glad he's back. I know there's the Wolfson which some would say is dated but the AGD sounds good, is not sterile, oozes build quality and looks better than most. The Schiit MB which cost about the same looks like a cheap toy in comparison. And with the AGD's you get a real built in power supply and no dangling wall wort common to so many DAC's in this price range.

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  2. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    Here's what the system looks like:

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    Kingwa knows his DACs and builds a great product. I'm on my 3rd. And as many have said - - it's not just the chip but the implementation. One of these days I'll cough up enough $ for one of his high-end DAC's but for now I'm still running a NFB-1 (balanced DAC using a Sabre 9018). I actually asked Kingwa about upgrading to the newer version with the 9038 and he said to stick with what I have. Builds a great product and is upfront! :)
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