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    Now that I've had some time to sleep and gather my thoughts, I thought I would ramble a bit. This is kind of like thanking people at the Oscars. There are so many and not enought space or time, so I shall point out just a few. This is by no means the list that I could go on about or in any particular order.

    Thank You Mr. Muramatsu of Almarro Audio. Thanks seems to little to express my appreciation for you flying from Japan for our audio festival. The joy I received from our times listening to music together, both in the Almarro room and late night in the Venus Hi-Fi room with Brian. The eye opening experience of hearing your M1A "little" speakers. To engineer that much sound from a little speaker is incredible. Not that your larger three way wasn't as impressive, but it was to be expected from your top of the line speaker. Your politeness and generosity humbled me. Domo arigato gozaimasu

    Thank You Ron and McIntosh Labs for bringing out a most impressive system, even if it only used your "little" towers :D I have always loved McIntosh gear, just couldn't afford it. Maybe after my company IPO's I can run across the street from my office to Bjorns and realize a dream.

    Thank You David Michael for hauling so much good gear to our festival. Your room was very impressive and enlighting. I had never heard of many of the brands you carry. I guess I've led a sheltered audio life. The Halbeth speakers were very good and I loved how they imaged. I also enjoyed your vinyl setup. By the way, do you know of any place I might find that B&W demo disc you were spinning?

    Thank You Gilbert for making Blue Circle. Your ability to make me laugh with your antics and impressive me with your technical abilities was truely amazing. That and I've never heard Grumpy's speakers sound any better than with your amps. To bad Mary Lou couldn't make it this year.

    Thank You Brian for having Venus Hi-Fi come back year after year. You always bring great gear and such a wide assortment of music to listen too. I really enjoyed our late night session with Mr. Muramatsu. You are always the kind host and eager to share your passion with others. Oh, can you send the Shanling tube(s) to me? I forgot all about them in the hussle bussle.

    Thank You Harry for bringing out the Maggies. I loved just sitting quietly in the Audio Dimensions room and getting lost in the music. I need to make sure I block out some time during my next visit to just hang out in your shop to listen to music, have a glass of wine and discuss life with you.

    Thank You Jim once again for Salk Sounds support of AKFests. Your speakers are most impressive both sonically and visually. Your skills as a designer and woodworker are beyond reproach. Dynamic only begins to describe your speakers. Just wish I lived closer. I guess you wouldn't want to move to Texas would you?

    Thank You to Steven and Adrian in the Superior Sight and Sound room. I had never heard a pair of Tetra speakers before. I now "get it". Adrian, a special thanks for spending the time to just chat. I really enjoyed our time listening to your speakers and getting to know you.

    A very big Thank You to all the manufacturers, vendors, distributors and members who donated items for door prizes and raffles allowing us to give away over a 120 items to the people who attended this years fest.

    Which brings me to a very special Thank You to Kamakiri and Grumpy. Gee, seems like only yesterday we were hanging out on Audio Utopia. To think we went from a dozen guys to over 13,000 members and a national audio festival. Without you guys this would have never happened. Thank you both for years of friendship, laughter, audio and some crap (didn't want this turning all mushy). Hey no body is perfect but you guys are really great buds and I'm proud to call you friends.


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  2. dmaudio

    dmaudio David Michael Audio

    You can get the record or CD version of the B&W recording from I believe it's $39 on vinyl. Also, great meeting you Luther and we can't wait until next year!
  3. jsalk

    jsalk New Member

    Thanks for the kind words. As for moving to Texas, I have certainly been shipping a lot of speakers there recently. But I think I'll stay put here in Michigan. Thanks for the offer though. It's nice to know I would be welcome.

    - Jim
  4. BrianB

    BrianB AK Vendor Emeritus Moderator

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Per usual, Luther, it was great hanging out with you at the show! You are a true gentleman, as your kind words and numerous "thanks" at the top of this thread prove.

    I would like to follow up on your "thanks" to Yoshi Muramatsu from Almarro. Yoshi's attendance at AK-Fest 2006 was indeed something to be appreciated, as he travelled farther (and at greater expense) than anyone else this year! Nevertheless, Yoshi would like everyone to know that he felt honored in being invited to the show, and he plans on returning next year. Indeed, Yoshi told me that he enjoyed AK-Fest 2006 FAR more than C.E.S., the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, or any of the other "big" U.S. shows he's attended recently. And that's saying something, IMO!
  5. luvvinvinyl

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    Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    I want to echo those words of thanks, to Yoshi-San. It was a privilege to meet him, and spend some time talking with him, on Sunday afternoon. I know that many were impressed with his gear, as was I. Moreso, I was impressed with the man, himself.

    Thanks to all who made that happen.
  6. BrianB

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    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Yes, Yoshi is a true gentleman, and his unique amps and speakers are not just "audiophile bargains" - they are SPOOKY good! Probably a dozen or so folks told me at AK-Fest 2006 that the Almarro room was their hands-down favorite, and a couple of Detroit audiophiles (neither of them AK members) who visited Yoshi's room during the show are coming to my little shop next week to listen to some of his creations again...

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