Rega Jupiter cd player intermittent skipping

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by primosounds, May 13, 2017.

  1. primosounds

    primosounds SE KT120 w/ 6J5G drivers. LCLC ps + 2 x 5ar4 Subscriber

    Terra, 21st century CE
    I just bought this player about a week ago and i find that sometimes it starts skipping on a disc that my other player has no problems with. I am wondering if there is a problem that is about to develop into a major issue. Sometimes if i just reseat the disc it will play without issues. I was wondering if it is known 'issue' with this player or something that needs to be checked or repaired. Thanks for the help


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  2. dogwan

    dogwan Dogwan

    Portland, OR
    I had a Rega Planet 2000 that did the same thing. It was pretty sensitive to feedback(vibration) from the speakers, kinda like a turntable. Took me a while to figure out why it was only certain CD's. Turned out heavy bass tracks with the cd player to close to the speaker was the culprit. Along with ancient suspended floor of old house and poor choice of furniture to hold stereo didn't help things.

    After that was corrected I discovered I also had to periodically clean the laser due to the flip up lid allowing dust to get on the lens. And, I also would occasionally lube the guide rails for the laser with a q-tip and 10 wt sewing machine oil.
  3. tubeblue

    tubeblue New Member

    Check the solder joints on the transport pcb that holds the small motors..If they are dull looking could be cold solder joints. I had a similar issue with a rega saturn. I reheated the solder with an iron and it solved the issue.

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