Rega Saturn CD player fix

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by tubeblue, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. tubeblue

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    I thought I would post my experience with a recent Rega Saturn CD player I purchased used from eBay. The unit is very clean and advertised as barely used. In fact it is a very clean example. I am very impressed with the quality of construction of these units. The Saturn is very great sounding also. I really am impressed with this player and have been listening to CD's more often...until the unit began slower initializing and began stopping on every CD right around 20 seconds was like I was in the twilight Zone. Well it turns out that it is easy to get to the optical drive. 2 screws on top and 2 cables disconnected and i was able to work on the drive without a problem. I was going to replace the optical source sent me the wrong part.. but noticed on the board that where the 2 small drive motors were soldered the solder joints were pale...cold solder joints.. I hit them with an iron..put the drive back in works better than when I received it. I included a photo of the cold solder joints
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  2. NAD80

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    The photo did not show up. Easy fix. Better than tossing it. Welcome to AK.
  3. guiller

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    Nice fix!
  4. sqlsavior

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    Thanks for posting.

    Would like to see the photo...
  5. tubeblue

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    Here is the photo of the cold solder joints again.. Don't know why the one posted initially disappeared.

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