Repair of deteriorating concrete steps - advice or suggestions?

Discussion in 'Non-audio related DIY' started by roger2, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. savatage1973

    savatage1973 Addicted Member

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    Yeah, the best bet for the long run is total replacement. I had this same issue with a rental property, and "fixed" it a couple times, but if there is any rebar or wire caging in there that has rusted (which there usually is), you are just buying time from year to year. I got lucky in my situation and was able to find an appropriate size pre-fab staircase that worked, so no need to re-pour--just remove the old and set the new in place.


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  2. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier

    MI, US
    The whole front porch here is a mess. It is a slab placed on top of cinder blocks, dating back to 1940. The problem over the past few years is frost heaving, so there has been cracked mortar, a couple of disintegrating blocks, etc. One crew of goons came out and replaced a couple of the blocks and "fixed" it but now two years later, it's looking even worse. The steps are also concrete, cast very much like the first photo in this thread. I'm afraid that a true repair is going to involve replacing the whole thing...

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