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Researching Wharfedale, not easy here in the States

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by transmaster, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. transmaster

    transmaster AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Been going through the archived copies of Audio, Stereo Review, and High-fidelity magazines looking for information on My Wharfedale speakers so far all I have found is a lab tests for the W25, and the W60E. In Stereo Review, Plus ad’s for the W45 and W70E. It is a real blast from the past for me because I subscribed to all of these magazines at the time.
    For many years I have said the W25 blew the doors off of the AR-7. Now I know why. The W25 is far more efficient than the AR-7. The audio receiver I had at that time was rated for 12 Watts. With modern measurements that might have been half of that. The W25’s minimum drive was 5 watts, with a Max of 35 Watts. The AR-7 requires 15 watts and can handle more than 50 Watts. Now I really want those AR-7’s back from my Brother so I can restore them.

    Here is the link to the site https://www.americanradiohistory.com/index.htm
    It is a great deal of fun looking at these old magazines. All of the turntables. The Pickering VX-15 cartridge my absolute favorite. I even ran across an 8 track carousel player, oh the horror.

    Here is the Ad’ for the W45 notice the orientation of the speaker. Apparently Wharfedale only advertised in High Fidelity magazine I have found nothing in Stereo Review, and Audio magazine circa 1970. There I have seen in addition to the W45, the W60E, and the W70E. The “E” designation is the Achromatic (acoustic suspended) version of these models.

    High Fidelity; Vol 20, #12, Page 57
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  2. Bosphrous

    Bosphrous Active Member

    Brunswick, ME
    Just curious, what was the impedence of the W25's?
  3. transmaster

    transmaster AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    All of the Achromatic (acoustic suspended) Wharfedales were 8 Ohms. That would be the W25, W35, W45, W60E, W70E, and the W80E Variflex.

    The W80E is a very rare speaker I have never seen one for sale. I would love to hear one. It was a 4 way with a strange steerable baffle to direct the sound of the upward firing woofer into the room.

    W80E Variflex (1969 -?)
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