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    OK, now I have your attention. This forum / thread needs better attendance. I was wondering how folks thought about a share program where we send stuff around to each other for either a couple weeks listen or perhaps to transcribe to tape?

    We could post some of what we have in a thread and then folks sign up to get on mailing list. I mail it to an AKer and that AKer mails it to another and round and round it goes.

    Some guidelines and surely no one should share anything too rare or valuable due to mishaps and mail.

    I admittedly have ulterior motives as there are things I can not find to buy that I would love to transcribe via my NAK 681 or perhaps a RtR should one appear here.

    Such as:
    Bill Evans Alone and Waltz For Debby
    Clean and quiet copies of:
    PF early stuff (i.e Meddle)

    Just an idea. FWIW.


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  2. drummergrl

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    I just stumbled upon this forum. Never heard anyone mention it. And only recently found out that Marketplace is gone. Why? hmm.

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