Review: McIntosh MA9000

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by joeinid, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. CohibaJoe

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    Central Jersey
    Two different Beasts...But a review would be in order. Please let us know and don't be shy. What Tubes are you using in the PrimaLuna?


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  2. Pianist1

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    Davis, CA
    A few months ago I replaced the stock EL34s with Gold Lion KT77s and the stock 12AU7s with Gold Lion EC882s. I left the 882 but put back the EL34s recently--I prefer their fuller sound for classical music.
  3. atkinsonrr

    atkinsonrr New Member

    Does anyone else share my concern re: the inclusion of DACs in the more recent preamps and integrateds? Just seems to me the the digital realm is still morphing so fast. Will McIntosh address this by offering inexpensive digital board upgrades to keep obsolescence at bay?

    MORTIS Alien Member

    I'm personally not concerned about including a DAC in a preamp or integrated, even if the DAC is not up-gradable, whereas they are in the current Mc lineup.
    Seems to me that DACs have come so far over the decades, and now most sound excellent. Sure there will be changes or slight improvements and there will be further heights in the playback resolution but I have to wonder if the human ear can detect such extreme resolutions, but it does look impressive in marketing literature.
    The DACs in our current components are supposedly satisfying our discerning need for quality playback, and years from now they will still sound just as good. Their sound won't degrade unless the circuitry begins to fail.
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