Ripping Vinyl, what do I need for a great sounding rip?

Discussion in 'Digital Integration' started by Alobar, Oct 15, 2016.

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    The Behringer UCA-222/202 works just fine under Win10.
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    I found out the same as you and went with a phono preamp featuring USB output and adjustable gain. This allows me to adjust the levels Audacity sees to just below clipping. I use Pro-Ject's PhonoBox V USB but it's been discontinued. There are others as well.
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    wgb113: Some of these don't seem all too well designed in terms of cartridge output level, though. Just a couple of days ago there was a case on one of the German hifi forums I regularly visit: The thread starter used an Ortofon Pro S body with an Arkiv needle (nominally 6 mV @ 5 cm/s) in combination with the NAD PP4 and ran into massive clipping problems with quite a few recent singles with particularly hot cuts.

    Gladly enough the excessive peaks weren't all too high, so a needle 10 with its somewhat lower output turned out to be sufficient for reducing the level by a few dB, so the ADC section wouldn't clip anymore. Nevertheless I'd deem it somewhat disappointing that a modern USB phono stage design isn't dimensioned with a more reasonable headroom or respectively level adjustment range, so that one doesn't already run into troubles with hot cuts and carts/needles with somewhat increased, but not yet particularly high output level - especially when it already features a level control and that just doesn't have a sufficient range. That's so frustratingly almost done right, but not quite... And one would think that an exprienced manufacturer like NAD could do better and design that thingy so that it's compatible with cartridges from roundabout 2.5 to 10 mV (@ 5 cm/s) on its MM input, in order to cover the whole range from comparatively quiet MMs, MIs & high output MCs to pretty loud DJ cart models, and so that it sports sufficient headroom or adjustment range to also cope with rather hot cuts.

    Greetings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini
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    I wanted to get my LPs into my iPod, not to replace them with a top-line digital file. Went with the ART and Audacity. Getting my signal from the tape record out on my receiver. I'm saving as MP3 192 and as FLAC.

    Satisfied with how it all turned out.

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