Rogue audio Kronos or parasound halo 2.1

Discussion in 'New Gear - Performance' started by gesauce, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. botrytis

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    PODUNC USA......
    If the OP wants tubes, the Rogue. If he wants SS then Parasound. It is that easy. Parasound designs nice equipment. I really am enjoying the Parasound P5 pre-amp I have.

    I have heard the Rogue and wasn't impressed. Just me maybe.
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  2. avanti1960

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    come on over (if you're ever in chicago). we'll change that :)

  3. roadie1

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    That seems to be the trend. Some get hiss and others don't. What you describe is exactly what mine did although mine wasn't a Magnum. I called the owner of the company and explained the situation, he said that the problem sounded like the center AU7 was bad and that he would send me a "known" good one. He sent me a copy of the first and it didn't change anything.

    Some days you get the bear and some days it gets you.

  4. Jeff K

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    Weird. When I called Rogue, the person I spoke with said it sounded like I was getting DC through my AC line. I bought a DC filter/ line conditioner from Emotiva, but it made no difference. Sent the filter back, too.

    BTW, Needle Doctor was great! They paid return shipping on the Rogue. I didn’t lose a dime.

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