Rookie M-4 w/ vintage preamp Subwoofer question

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by kbuzz, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. kbuzz

    kbuzz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hello all, I have been enjoying my “new” M4 immensely and wanted to try it with my sub. However, one of my vintage pre amps does not have extra line level outs. So my question is what would be a preferred sub hook method.

    1) Get a y splitter on one of the preamps output and run one extra rca into the subs rca line level input? Or

    2) Run an extra set of speaker cables from the the B speaker jacks on the M4 to the sub speaker level inputs and use both a and b speaker outputs on the amp

    I don’t run the amp hard in my small room and obviously from the post I’d like to avoid using the subs x over....
    Thanks for any responses to this newb question ....


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  2. OMGCat!

    OMGCat! AK Subscriber Subscriber

    El Sereno, CA
    I'd go from the B speaker output if I were you. That way it's easy to turn the sub on and off.
    The amp won't have a clue the sub is connected.
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  3. Aspen

    Aspen Active Member

    London, Ontario
    Why not use the sub's x-over? How are you going to blend in the sub with the mains? The high level input will be feeding full range to the sub, you are going to want to adjust it's low pass filter to blend with your mains. You will still be sending full range to the mains.
    If you sub has speaker out connections and a high pass filter for them, then you could wire those to your speakers instead of from the M4 to speakers, but this would obviously be limiting the range to your mains.

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