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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by 306Prairie, Jan 22, 2017.

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    Hello folks,

    Pretty new here and my first post so here goes...

    I was lucky enough to find a Sansui G901DB a while ago which gave me acoustic butterflies, and blew me away in power delivery and sound quality. Fast forward a few months and issues starting arising losing the left channel so off to the shop it went. It has now been a good three months with no progress yet so I've been using my Nikko Alpha II set. Lately it has been giving me issues as well so I figured I would bite the bullet and buy a well maintained Rotel 1412 to get me through these rough spots.

    Once acquired and hooked up to a pair of DCM TF1000s I started to give them a proper listen, and all I can say is I was disappointed. The Sansui blew this thing out of the water as far as I can remember! I realize it's 160wpc vs 110wpc but it seems like the Sansui is a big ol' diesel with power throughout the band while the Rotel is a high horsepower sport bike that's all top end...

    Wanting to try some different speakers I hooked up a set of HPM 100s and now I get some big bass from the 1412, but once the loudness is off and bass boost as well the power seems to disappear.

    So my question, is the Rotel that different of a sound? Or is the Sansui just that good?? How much is an amp going to differ next to a comparable model of a different brand? Is it like Canon vs Nikon where they are virtually identical except for the badging and features, or do the internals vary so much they are game changers?

    Just curious to your thoughts, and cheers to a very informative forum!
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    your assumptions seem spot on, rotel was cheap, but,good enough quality for most people, unless there is a problem with the rotel such as coupling capacitors needing replacing
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