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Rotel RCD-1070. Cheapest fix ever.

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by noise gate, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. So, I goes to play a CD the other day. Pop it in my old Rotel cd player and, nothin.
    "No Disc" pops up on the display.
    So, I try another, and another. Same thing. Handful of disks all the same result.
    "Rats" I say. 'cept I didn't say Rats.

    I figure my old piece has gave up the ghost. For years it's been going to track 10 when playing a disk, a common problem with these machines. Other than that, it's been a great unit. But I'm figuring it's time to hunt down a replacement.

    Before doing anything drastic I decide to comb the interwebs for possible diagnosis and treatment.
    Possibly my Lazy Beam module is hooped, and / or the ribbon wire connector needs replacement.

    Well, first I might just take a peek inside. I move it to the table, remove the cover and then plug it in to get the tray open. When I power it up, the disk spins for a bit then shuts down.
    Check that box, at least the disk goes round.

    Maybe I thinks push play, see if or for how long the disk spins.
    Sure enough, it goes round , and round , and round. I look at the front display, and it's playing track 10.
    "What the Heck" I says! Cept I didn't say Heck.
    While I got the unit open, I clean the Lazy Beam lens. I slide the cover back on, hook it up and Shazam. It Works!
    Don't know what I did, maybe some bug crawled in and died on my lens? Did it fall off while I was moving the unit? Maybe I'm a genius, with a magical touch? Or, more likely electronics can be weird & finicky when they get old.

    Not sure how much longer the old unit will provide service but at least 3 weeks before Xmas I don't have to shop for a replacement. But now I can justify casually shopping for a spare, just in case.


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  2. thilaseen

    thilaseen Super Member

    I've learned to live with the "10" thing. It seems that the only time I don't check the track number when I press play...well you guessed it. Murphy's law again!
  3. bigaltx24

    bigaltx24 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Atmore Al
    That's always the first thing I check when having problems with CD players especially if the problem is intermittent. I had a old NAD Monitor series player years ago that got to where it would only recognize the disc about half the time. Cleaned the lens, no more problems.
  4. 2526

    2526 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    How did you clean the lens? I have a Rotell 855 on the shelf with similar issues. Thanks
  5. Q-Tip and alcohol.
    Actually, it started working before I cleaned it. When I moved it and removed the cover it would read the CD's that before wouldn't work moments before. I just cleaned the lens while I had it opened up.
    Your results may vary.
    I'm pretty sure I'm rockin on borrowed time.
  6. 2526

    2526 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Thanks, I’ll find the big hammer and get started.


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