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Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by tau_ceti, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Hello all,

    I purchased a Rotel RSP-1570 from a reputable eBay dealer (decent volume, all 5 stars) in March. I plugged it into my basement system and there didn't seem to be anything amiss, but that just meant I made sure the left and right channels worked. I finally got it set up today and now I have a problem. Both of my rear channels make a static noise, kind of like the sound of frying bacon. It's not terribly loud, but it's not a hum, it's kind of like a mellow crackle. The RSP-1570 is playing through a Cary Audio Cinema 12 amplifier.

    The thing is that I switched the rear speakers off in the Rotel audio setup menu (this didn't disable the crackle) then turned everything off. Turned it all back on, everything was fine (obviously). Next step was I tried two different channels on the Cary amp. No problem (but the speakers were off right…). I turned them back on. Still nothing. Then, when I put a test tone from the internal setup menu through the front left speaker, we were off to the races and the sound started.

    There is no frying sound from the sub, center speaker or the left and right speakers.

    The rears are fairly far from the setup, for what it's worth, maybe 30' or 35' runs?

    Same cables from the preamp to the amplifier in both cases.

    Any thoughts? I guess I could swap the rear and front speaker cables and see where the crackle was coming from.


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