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Rotel RX bug

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by Viczxcv, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Viczxcv

    Viczxcv New Member

    (It seems to be the fashion to start conversation with the word 'So' these days, so here we go).

    So, I've just acquired a Rotel RX-604 and partnering it to my Technics SL-7 I have been impressed. Also sounds good through headphones. Now, I seem to have a Rotel bug - been looking at the RX-803/1203/1603.

    My question is do these models sound better the higher up the chain you go? i..e. is the 1603 > 1203 > 803.

    Just because they have higher wattage amps doesn't necessarily mean they sound better does it?

    Obviously, comments from people who have made direct comparisons would be most welcome but so are comments from others.

    (Oh and if I position it correctly, will the extra weight of the 1603 mean it will come crashing through the ceiling and kill the mother-in-law in the room below?)


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