RT 1011-Help cleaning toggle switches

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by pappylon, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. pappylon

    pappylon Active Member

    I'm in the process of using deoxit on the switches.
    Most are easy to get to.
    The toggle switches seem to be totally encased with no way to spray inside.
    Wouldn't you know it the monitor toggle is the one giving me trouble.
    Anyone know how to deoxit them?

    This is the culprit
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  2. blistabusta

    blistabusta New Member

    I have a feeling that after all the time that has passed since you posted this question, that you have found the answer to your issue. For those that are looking for a way to clean these switches, here is the procedure that we use in our shop.

    1. Lay the unit on its back with the bottom of the deck facing you.
    2. Remove the bottom plate (two screws in back/four screw on bottom). This will give you access to the switch board so you may place a rag below the work area to absorb any cleaner that drips out of the switches.
    3. Remove all front panel knobs, toggle ends, and bottom face plate.
    4. Remove only the five screws below the toggle openings of the five switches that you are cleaning. These screws hold the switches to the main front plate.
    5. Place a rag in between the switch circuit board and the board below it to catch drips of cleaner.
    6. Spray DeOxit into the lower screw hole on each switch and work the toggle up and down many times. Repeat this with the DeOxit at least once. We always follow DeOxit with a shot of Caig's Faderlube (Green Label) to wash out the DeOxit.
    7. Follow steps 1 through 5 in reverse to reassemble the deck.

    We have used this method for twelve years and it always works. Good luck.
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