SA9227 PCM5102A Asynchronous 32bit 384Khz USB DAC

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    I already have of two of these DACs, just ordered the third.

    I slightly modify them (swapping and adding few parts) for 2 reason,

    1st. If you own this DAC and don't add filtering capacitors, you may have experienced some freezing problems, the USB SA9227 chip gets hot and stop transmitting signal, the issue is fixed for me by adding small and low cost capacitors.

    2nd. it sounds great (better) once modified, must hear to believe, for a DAC in this price range (Including the price of the additional parts).

    Original (Click on the link at the right of "Doccument joint" to see full size):


    With two Wima MKS2 10uf 50V as output coupling capacitors.

    One 4.7uf 50V Multilayer ceramic capacitor on the regulator on the left in front of the SA9227 USB receiver chip.

    One 10uf 50V Multilayer ceramic capacitor on the regulator on the right in front of the PCM5102A DAC chip.


    And one 2.2uf 50V Multilayer ceramic capacitor on the USB 5V input.

    The SA9227 Windows driver can be found here:

    The DAC support up to 24bit 96Khz without the driver, or without restarting Windows,

    But to support higher resolutions, the driver is required, and you have to start a Windows session after the DAC is plugged in the PC (If you unplug and plug it back, it will be recognized as FS Audio USB instead of HD USB Audio).

    If you look for a low cost but quite good sounding USB DAC, that will last forever without the need to restore anything (no electrolytig capacotors to replace, ever), this is a good recommendation, but not if you have no intentions to mod it, at least, add filtering capacitors to make it reliable.

    If you still having issues after upgrades, (not me), but the SA9227 chip is still warm, you can also add a 10x10x10mm heatsink on the SA9227 chip to keep it cool.

    Note: Some may prefer to remove the output coupling capacitors and have DC coupled output, it's possible with this DAC chip, but I prefer to be safe for my tube amps and speakers using the Wima capacitors for output coupling.
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