Samsung UN65MU7000F HDR settings delemma.

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by gary7, May 29, 2018.

  1. gary7

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    Just picked up at a really good price at Walmart clearance. Set on standard picture mode (which I like for standard 1080p cable video) it will switch to HDR+ when running HDR programming from Netflix, Hulu & Youtube. But when I play a 4K HDR disc on my LG UP875 4K player it stays in standard pic mode. Tried running straight to all 3 HDMI on TV, all with enhanced input settings on. The info bar shows 2160, UHD & HDR is being seen but stays in the pic standard mode. Called Samsung, they did the internet connection and ran it remotely. They told me it had to have HDR+ mode selected in advance Pic settings. But then it seems to affect the standard video. I don't like the look HDR+ mode selected. It also made the 4K discs look too dark. Firmware is up to date. Any advice from MU7000 owners?


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