Sansui 1000a tube receiver need close up pics of power supply

Discussion in 'Sansui Equipment Database' started by VFET747, Dec 26, 2014.

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    HI everyone, I need REAL CLOSE UP pics of the power supply large metal caps showing where each wires on the terminals of the caps as I cut them a few years ago and forgot , I have the schematics from the service manual but its very confusing as it does not show the - or + sign next to the capacitors like other manufacturers schematics do. I have all new electrolytic caps for the power supply but I am stuck as I don't know how to connect in the right order, I did try my best as I could reading the schematics but that have resulted in the the fuse getting blown if you raise the voltage past 30volts on the variac, the light bulb in the tunning meter light up very faintly at 30 volts and then go dark when the fuse open. The receiver was working great before I decided to replace the old electrolytic caps for better sound , it has been sitting for 2 years now I just got time recently to put in the new caps. It has 4 pots and the serial number I think is 17045031. Any kind help to get it back in service will greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sikander


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    You have posted your question in the 'Sansui Equipment Database' section of the forum - you will get more/better responses in the correct part of the forum.

    Many others have made the same mistake, so it is understandably difficult to tell, however you should be here
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    hi, if this helps.

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