Sansui 5050 re-cap PSU vs Audio grade..

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Sagacious, Aug 10, 2017.

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    so I've got a few questions I'm hoping people can set me straight on regarding electrolytic caps. I'd like to do my 5050 soon. It's taking about 30min to warm up in the morning before it will start playing audio... :(

    so, I've heard of course that Audio grade caps and Power supply Caps are different. However, the only difference I've heard people explain is that the Power supply caps you want to have a higher ripple current rating and higher temp rating. is that all...?

    That question leads me to another-- Does the above just mean that Audio grade caps tend to not have as high ripple current and temp ratings? If I'm selecting audio grade caps should I stay away from those with high ripple current ratings or high temp ratings? what about those with higher capacity ratings than stock?

    originally, my (very) general thought about this topic was: If I'm replacing any electrolytic capacitors (audio or PSU)-- from a technical standpoint; always go with the highest rating of every spec as long as you could still fit it on the board without any problems (price concerns aside). I have a feeling now that that is obviously wrong? so, I'm hoping someone can clearly explain the technical dividing line between both uses of electrolytic capacitors.


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  2. adelo

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    Hello! Capacitors such as Nichicon fg or Elna silmic ii are usually mounted in the signal path or in feedback circuits. The difference with generic capacitors is usually in their dielectric, which often gives a certain sound color. In the power supply we use low resistance capacitors that can provide high currents. The maximum capacity we use in power supplies depends on the needs of the circuit, the final amplifier, but also the size of the bridge. The sansui 5050 can accommodate 10000 uf 63v power capacitors
  3. Oldsansui441

    Oldsansui441 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Victoria, Australia
    Some audio grade caps have a good ripple current rating also and can be used in these positions if so desired but the Nichicon UPW range are a great choice in power supplies and are actually specifically designed for switch mode power supplies.
  4. stereofun

    stereofun Super Member

    Tucson, AZ
    Agreed Nichicon UPW caps are specifically made for power supplies and are an excellent choice there.

    While caps work in the same way, their inate properties can be tweaked by the manufacturer for different duties around the amp. For instance you have caps which main purpose are to block DC between stages, and others which role is to smooth dirty DC and acts as reservoirs, then others are used to filter frequencies.

    In early Sansuis, pre 74'ish - all caps were grey, then from that point on you'll see Sansui using different colored caps depending in their position and hence desired function.

    I wouldn't be too obsessed about which brand or product line if you are doing your first recap as long as you use quality caps from Nichicon or Elna. Remember they work just the same. But yes, differences In dialectics, density, and other "manufacturing technicalities" will make one product line slightly better fit for a given position. One take could be Nichicon UPW for power supply boards, Nichicon KG for supply/reservoirs and Elna Silmic's for low voltage signal caps such as preamp.

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