Sansui 661 schematic and user manual

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by SinSeven, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. SinSeven

    SinSeven New Member

    Hey there. I’m new to this site. Kinda. Been reading random stuff here and there for years but just recently made an account finally. But wanted to welcome myself with a gift for whoever wants it. No, not a Sansui 661. Just the original schematic and user manual. Just recently sold my 661 and the guy didn’t want the paperwork. So i thought I’d ask On here if anyone wanted this stuff. I can ship out ASAP if interested. Thanks, I’m excited about making my account. Take care.
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  2. Nemo bit

    Nemo bit Active Member

    West coast USA
    I think the best thing you shoud do is upload it to the AK Database so its available to all whom might need it. I know that series is one that not as much info is readly available.
    Welcome and enjoy!
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  3. KPG7070

    KPG7070 New Member

    Hi SinSeven ! I have a Sansui 661, but I don't have the User Manual or Schematic. Do you still have your 661 paperwork...? It would be real nice to have. I'm located in Wisconsin.

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