Sansui 7070 LED dial pointer comparison (with pictures)

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by AtomicLP, Mar 20, 2017.

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    I posted this thread in December but noticed the image server I used basically disappeared...and there is no option to edit. So I will repost for you all...

    I recently posted a thread asking info on LED replacements. Well long story short I ordered some pre-wired LED's 3mm for the dial pointer, and the fuse style LED's for the tuner section. Here are some pics showing the differences.

    Original Incandescent. Here is why I like LED lights. Note the housing has turned brown. These put out a ton of heat, and for some unfortunate owners of Marantz, some of these housings are melted beyond repair


    This is what the new fuse LED's looks like



    Here is the tuner section (only) replaced with Cool-White LED. As you can see it turns the section a nice blue hue...if you're into that. I felt it took away from the Sansui look. YES, that is a sansui 5050. This pic shows the true colour better so I used it instead of the one of the 7070..looks the same in both though


    Here is the tuner section + FM meters replaced with Warm-White LED. This is close to the original, keeps that greenish hue but not too green. Looks really fresh. Warm-White is what I ended up using.



    I used a 3mm pre-wired (aka resistor already installed) 6V LED.

    What they look like installed. I left the original clear tubes in place to avoid upsetting the tuner string, or if I ever decided in the future to make it 100% original.


    Warm-White (very close to original)





    So of the three I ended up using the warm white. I felt the amber was too orange for my liking. However I might go back to the cool-white. I like the modern-ness it brings to the unit.

    I'd like to add in that the VU meters are original lamps. They are not burnt out so I won't replace them unless they do, since they are a bit more tedious to get at. Also the selection meter lights are original too. They aren't burnt out so I see no need to replace them.

    Hopefully this helps any curious people....


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  2. Robisme

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    The warm white looks nice. I don't usually like the look of LEDs.

    Thanks for posting.


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