Sansui 9090 Fm Stereo stopped working, Fm Reception OK

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by aqualogic, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. aqualogic

    aqualogic New Member

    FM reception is fine only the stereo reception and related indicator recently stopped.

    Similar but not exact issues have been mentioned in past posts, but nothing exactly like I've experienced here, so I wanted to try & get some fresh help.

    My trusty 9090, not DB, has worked fine for decades. I recently went in to deoxit controls and replace various lights (related post by me uploaded).

    Anyway, it was working perfectly with FM stereo beacon illuminating fine after all the work was done, but a couple of days later, the stereo signal stopped. FM comes in fine, both FM meters are working fine, other inputs are all in stereo as it should. Stereo bulb is fine. In fact this is the sole issue. Listening to FM with headphones it is in mono, so the indicator is probably working properly as there is no stereo signal.

    Reading past posts suggest such things as:

    adjusting VR03 muting/stereo threshold and VR04 19kHz vco both on F2549

    VR01 stereo auto noise on F2550

    none of these suggestions worked, in fact I adjusted back & forth all the VR's on the tuner boards with no change in performance.

    any further suggestions? Thanks.


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  2. kevzep

    kevzep Its all about the Music Subscriber

    I'll have a look and report back.
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  3. kevzep

    kevzep Its all about the Music Subscriber

    Was the tuner aligned when the work was done?
    Whenever I have a fault with a tuner, I always start right at the beginning and align it.
    There could be a number of issues at play, so sweeping through an alignment will identify any potential problems which could cause such an issue....

    I assume you are tuning into a strong station, decent antenna etc etc .......

    What gear do you have? Do you have a frequency counter to at least confirm the PLL is operating and set to 76khz?

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